Chapter 21: How #Americansabroad can continue to use the #IRA as a retirement planning vehicle

The post is referenced in he above tweet was written by Chad and Peggy Creveling and appeared in the Wall Street Journal on August 23, 2016. It is well written and very interesting. You will find some of their blog posts here. The post will NOT be of interest to “accidental Americans’ and other “long term” Americans abroad. The reason is simple. The rules are so complicated that only short term – “Homelanders Abroad” would undetake the compliance burden.

Nevertheless, I recommend the article to you. It will reinforce the impossibility of navigating U.S. tax rules if you live outside the United States.


Chapter 12: Relinquishing citizenship and your IRA – bringing your IRA home

Are you living outside the United States?

Are you thinking about relinquishing U.S. citizenship?

Do you have an IRA or other retirement planning account in the United States?

Are you wondering about the effect of relinquishing U.S. citizenship has on your IRA?

This post will be forĀ  you!

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