Chapter 13: “Married filing separately” and the “Alien Spouse” – the “hidden tax” on #Americansabroad

Marriage is a difficult relationship. That said, there are two kinds of marriages that have particular difficulties resulting form the “circumstances of a U.S. birth”.

Type 1 – A U.S. citizen married to a non-U.S. citizen

Type 2 – A non-U.S. citizen married to a U.S. citizen

(Yes, they are the same.)

I call these kinds of marriages an “FBAR Marriage“.

The problems of the “FBAR Marriage” begin with filing a tax return at all. They continue from there.

(Both the U.S. citizen and the alien need to fully understand the problems that U.S. citizenship will cause in various aspects of the marriage! Perhaps specialized pre-marriage counselling is desirable. )

See the posts referenced in the following two tweets.


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