Homeland Americans can see their future by looking at #Americansabroad

Kat Jennings of Tax Connections has organized the world’s first internet tax summit. It will take place on September 21 -23, 2015. Free tickets are available.

Incredibly, the first day will provide education on the problems of Americans abroad which include: citizenship taxation, FATCA, FBAR, PFICs, foreign corporation, living as a U.S. citizen abroad, relinquishing U.S. citizenship and the Exit Tax.

This summit affords an excellent opportunity to educate large number of people including Homeland Americans. Therefore, we urge you to send the URL of this page;


in an email, which might read:

“Dear Friend:

Please take the time to learn how the U.S. Government is destroying the lives of your fellow citizens abroad. Through a new U.S. law called FATCA, citizenship taxation and more, the U.S. Government is putting your fellow Americans in a position where they are being forced to renounce their U.S. citizenship. To hear their stories “first hand”, please visit:


You are invited to learn more by attending the world’s first Internet Tax Summit on September 21 – 23, 2015. The day that focuses on the plight of Americans Abroad will be September 21.

You can register for and get a free ticket for the conference here.

What follows is some information about this event:





Please take the time to forward this important information to everybody you know!

Learn more about the Internet Tax Summit at:



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