“The Shot Heard Round The World” Live from ThatChannel.com

(Adapted from Emerson – “Concord Hymn”)

FATCA comes September’s end
The threats of Congress now unfurl
Embattled expats must defend, by
Firing the shot heard round the world!

Join Us! Watch it live!

This is the full YouTube version.


WHEN: Tuesday, July 21, 2015-5–6 pm EDT
WHERE: www.Thatchannel.com – “Voters Echo”
WHAT:The Shot Heard Round the World”
Citizenship Taxation is a CRISIS for US Persons Worldwide
WHO: Host – Bahman Yazdanfar with John Richardson, Peter W. Dunn & Trish Moon

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A recent U.S. Senate Finance Committee study failed to issue any recommendations to address the intolerable treatment of the 8 million “U.S.Persons” (and their families) living abroad. One noted tax-lawyer implied that the Working Committee “is willing to state that these concerns need to be considered however,is not yet willing to say there is a crisis.”

The U.S. Senate Finance Committee response to expats: “NOT a Crisis”

Our response: See You in Court


  • Why is it so difficult to to understand how CBT & FATCA reporting is not the same as RBT & CSR reporting?
  • Will RBT end FATCA and the IGA’s?


Tweet your questions in advance to: @CBTLawsuit

With the hashtag: #CBTLawsuit

Please share this with all your family & friends especially FB & Twitter!


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